What This Lessons Learned Blog Is All About

This blog, Lessons Learned, is where I post things I’ve learned. The topics can vary wildly. For years, I’ve logged everything I learn every day in an Evernote note or an old fashioned notebook. I recently learned that others like hearing or reading my lessons learned too. I realized I can post these lessons online in a blog form. This will make it easy for me to share, and it’ll be easy for me to go back and review.

Sometimes I simply post the lesson in a self-explanatory sentence or two. Sometimes I include more detail or a story to provide context and help the lesson hit home. I also post many favorite lessons learned from past years as well. I have recorded thousands over the years. I often log multiple lessons learned in a single day, but I only post one lesson learned per day to this blog, ensuring that you’ll only see the best and most relevant lessons here.

Today learned I can set this up so I can email my lessons learned to a secret email address that will automatically post here. Soon, I’ll learn how to do that. So much learning to look forward to!

I expect the format and frequency will evolve over time. I’m excited to see how this goes!

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