Capital Toolbox – Capital Toolbox offers various tools for startups. Our primary offering includes fractional CFO services and startup consulting, but we also offer management consulting, financial analysis, opportunity analysis, materials for raising money, marketing consulting, and entrepreneurship skills courses.

Speaker 3000 – At Speaker 3000, Jennifer Gallegos and I help people get accepted to speak at the best conferences, prepare show-stopping presentations, and provide honest and nuanced feedback afterwards to help speakers continue to master their skills and grow their brand.


STEM 3000 – This is the lab where my partner, Jennifer Gallegos, and I tinker and launch our emerging tech projects. We invented Bird Feeder 3000 (see below). We shot a 360-degree-video documentary about food and culture in Cuba (it’s currently in post-production). We’re building serious games, VR games, and AR apps. We design and 3D-print casings for our IoT inventions. STEM 3000 is our playground.

Bird Feeder 3000: 3D Print a VR/AI/IoT Bird Feeder At SXSW 2018, Jennifer Gallegos and I led a two-hour workshop teaching attendees how to build their own smart bird feeder. It sold out quickly, so SXSW asked us to do an encore workshop, which also sold out immediately.

Pandora’s Headset: The Ethics of VR in Education – At SXSW Edu 2018, I led an hour-long Socractic discussion about the ethics of using virtual reality in schools.

I Dream That… – I created this blog so anyone can post their dream, goal, desire, plan, wish, want, or aspiration, no matter how grandiose, fantastical, or insignificant.

Start Smart – Over the past several years, I created and taught a seven-week course in entrepreneurship skills. I’m currently on hiatus from the live classroom, as I’ve obviously got a lot on my plate. However, I’ve created an online version of the course under Capital Toolbox using hundreds of hours of video recordings of my classes.


I’m taking online courses in probability and statistics, the Python and C# programming languages, virtual reality development using the Unreal Engine and Unity game engine software, and serious game development.

I’m always reading between two and ten non-fiction books at any given time. These days, I’m reading a lot of books by futurists like Amy Webb, Douglas Rushkoff, Kevin Kelly, Ray Kurzweil, Yuval Noah Harari, and Michio Kaku, as well as a number of books on game design, writing, and countless sci-fi novels. Every day, I also read Wired, Quanta Magazine,, the New York Times, and the Road to VR blog. I listen to Radiolab, This American Life, and the Tim Ferriss podcasts on occasion, as well as a few other podcasts when I have time.

I attend conferences about emerging technologies several times a year. SXSW is my favorite. I attend smaller events and talks several times a month.