Visualize the Low Points

I learned from Olympic swimmer, Garrett Weber-Gale, to visualize the make or break moment of our activities. In running or swimming, that means visualize our mindset and actions during the hardest point of our race, not the whole race. In climbing, that means visualizing the crux move, or perhaps the scariest moment when our minds are full of fear and other head trash. In business, that means when we lose a big customer, get negative publicity, struggle with cash flow, or pitch an investor for funds to save the company. This visualization helps us push beyond our perceived limits and most difficult moments, instead of thinking it’ll just keep getting harder. That way we can hit the gas when that point comes instead of feeling terrible and easing back or resting or quitting or whatever. If we’ve visualized it, we can actually look forward to that point because we know we’ll handle it fine. We’ll use that point to thrive instead of falter.

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