No One Is an Expert in Online Marketing

Online marketing (e.g. email campaigns, Facebook ads, Google ads, blogs, SEO) changes lightning fast. The algorithms are updated, technologies change, strategies change, and techniques change. The tools aren’t great, though some are getting a little easier to learn and use over time. That said, classic design principles always matter (i.e. simple, clean, clear, concise, legible, consistent, useful, etc.).

No one is an expert, but with seemingly infinite quality resources available (i.e. Google, YouTube, Reddit), it’s faster and easier than ever to become an expert, however temporary that expertise may last.

Though we’ll learn what we need in order to manage the campaigns we’ve decided to run, we must focus on the long-term assets. Building a quality email list or finding 1000 true fans as Facebook followers is far more valuable than any short-term campaign to drive sales conversions for a specific product or event.