The Epic Journey of the Four-legged Water Strider

Last night I had a dream that I was watching a water strider bug with only four legs. Two legs were missing. It was on an epic journey across a large and dangerous lake. It navigated waves and wind.┬áIt avoided being eaten. It had to walk across islands, which its four legs were not designed for. It got tired but pressed on anyway. Somehow I knew what the bug was feeling, and it felt like it was struggling a lot and might not make it across. I watched this intrepid bug persevere. It got stuck in dangerous and impassable obstacles a couple times, and I helped it through, but mostly I let it walk or stride along its path without intervention. This little bug was inspiring. It traveled so far and pushed through so many difficulties. Even though I knew it would make it across the lake to its destination, it couldn’t see the outcome, and it kept going anyway.

I woke up toward the end of the dream. Lying there pondering the meaning, I realized the little bug is me. Even though I struggle and worry whether I’ll reach my goals or make it any further along my path, whoever or whatever may be watching (and occasionally helping when necessary) can see that I’m going to make it to my destination and far beyond. Maybe our own journeys are as inspiring to others as that bug’s was to me in my dream. I hope so, because now I know I have nothing to fear. I’m going to stride right across this big ol’ lake. How about you?