Conspiracy Is Neutral, How We Do It Is Not

In Ryan Holiday’s latest book, Conspiracy, he says that conspiracy is neutral, but how we do it is not. Conspiracy gets a bad rap, but we can conspire to create positive change in the world just as we can conspire in selfish or destructive ways. He also said that there are lots of conspiracy theories, but few actual conspiracies. People wearing tin foil hats give conspiracies a bad name and make us think that all conspiracies are delusions about nefarious secret groups that are controlling or destroying the world. However, some conspiracies do, in fact, exist, and they’re often wilder stories than we’d ever imagine.

Think of it this way… Knowing conspiracies are possible is inspiring. If there’s no conspiracy, then this, the world as it now exists, is all there is and we’re stuck. But there are conspiracies, and they do sometimes work. This means we can change the world.